Festa in Tokyo


Vita Beata Jewelry participated “Handmade in Japan Fes 2017” which held by Creema and “真夏のデザインフェスタ×GAKUTEN2017”. It was a good experience approaching customers face to face. This helped us figure out the target customers. We also learned many things from these festa.

Besides, We got a new opportunity to expand our business. From January, Vita Beata Jewelry will appear in the rental shop. Now we are preparing higher-class works.

Joy of work

I’m Shelly. I like my job.

The first time I felt that making jewelry is really a beautiful thing was about 6 months after I started to learn some simple technique of goldsmith. One of my best friends was going to propose, so I made a pair of couple ring for giving blessings. At that time, making a wax model is the only way I knew to make a ring not very simple. I designed the rings with the infinity symbol ∞ to wish them a infinite happy life. It was the first time I wish someone have a wonderful marriage with a sincere heart. 0208

I always remember the inspiration and satisfaction of that moment. It’s not just a work to create beautiful jewelry, it give blessing and hope to people.